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Job Description

As a Data Engineer, you will help us build our information system, which is used by our staff globally. The RISE mission is to accelerate the internet for the Philippines—we do this by focusing on the overall customer experience, providing excellent internet services and creating a positive impact on our partners and industry.


Duties and responsibilities:


●      Analyze and develop solutions to information needs in our business

●      Design, develop, deploy, and test new information and data processing applications in accordance to our quality standards

●      Perform preventive maintenance, identify and execute improvements, and refactor existing code base, including our legacy applications

●      Monitor, respond, and resolve incidents in production

●      Develop and maintain the infrastructure that host our applications in production

●      Support our internal staff and stakeholders’ inquiries and issues with the applications in use

●      Investigate and create proofs of concepts, such as in using external services, APIs, programming libraries, and data source systems

●      Contribute in the development of user guides and knowledge base of applications in use




●      Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science

●      3+ years of experience in software engineering, using any of the following programming languages, Ruby, Javascript, Python, and PHP

●      Proficiency in developing scripts and applications for data ETL and reporting purposes

●      Proficiency in standard software engineering practices (i.e. source code management, continuous integration, automated tests, pair programming)

●      2+ years experience in end-to-end IT management

●      Proficiency and hands-on experience with implementing, configuring, and testing IT solutions

●      Experience in using cloud services and APIs, preferably with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

●      Administration and shell usage of Linux-based systems (CentOS, Ubuntu)

●      Highly customer-focused and able to provide a positive experience in conflict resolution

●      Excellent communication skills and able to effectively convey messages or know-how to non-technical customers

●      Highly dependable and responsive especially in urgent or time-sensitive situations

●      Able to maintain high level of integrity and confidentiality



About Rise

RISE provides the best possible internet service experience to customers and works to continually improve our internet service characteristics, including speed, reliability, and overall quality.

To assist and advance education and open opportunities, RISE —along with servicing our business customers— supports community initiatives and develops custom solutions for educational institutions.

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Salary: 30,000 - 50,000 PHP

Referral Reward: 10,000 PHP

Starting: Now

Contract: Full Time

Company Website: Visit

Data Engineer Hybrid Setup Ruby Python PHP Javascript

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