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Job Description

Junior Software Engineer responsibilities include assisting in implementing modern technologies to provide clients with data-driven insights and streamlined interfaces to help deliver projects.

The successful candidate will help build the client’s best practice process to streamline his workflow and systematize the business.

As a Junior Software Engineer:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science OR 6-12 months experience in building complex software applications.

  • The capacity and understanding to be able to build and debug small applications in one of the following languages / frameworks: Python / Django; JavaScript / TypeScript / React

  • The ability to make pull requests, merge and resolve conflicts using Git

  • The humility and strength to both take feedback on board but also provide open and honest feedback to your peers and management

  • Self-motivation and communication skills to stay on task and aligned with the team while working remotely

  • Experience working with development tools including Jira, Bitbucket, CircleCI.

  • Experience maintaining and querying SQL databases

  • Used Amazon Web Services as part of their projects or in their previous roles

  • Understand how to define a Docker container

  • Built automated tests for their code and see the benefits of well tested code

  • Worked in a company that employed agile software development practices

  • Previous experience in project management

Your Responsibilities as a Junior Software Engineer would be:

  • Under the supervision and review of our senior engineers write code that is clean, maintainabwell-testedl tested.

  • Contribute your ideas about the product and features to ensure the team can deliver the greatest quality product for our client.

  • Collaborate as an engineering team member in reviewing and improving the ways the team is workshop high quality solutions and solve Software Design and Dev Ops challenges.

  • Contribute to continuously improve Coding Structure, follow Coding Principles.

  • Identify and trouble shoot Software problems and issues

About Boomering

What started out as a mere vision of helping small to medium sized businesses from around the world attain the same competitive edge that global corporations have, has quickly turned into something bigger than what was planned.

Established in 2017, Dean Pascoe’s only goal was to improve upon the idea of outsourcing. To build a sustainable and profitable outsourcing company dedicated to benefit all types of businesses. For years, outsourcing has been viewed as only available to Fortune 500 companies.

Location: San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Salary: 40,000 - 70,000 PHP

Referral Reward: 10,000 PHP

Starting: Now

Contract: Full Time

Company Website: Visit

Junior Software Engineer Phyton Django Javascript Onsite

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