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Name:  Aipaygo Inc.
Tagline:  Your Modern Solution for a Fast, Easy, and Secure Payment
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About Us

Established in 2018, Artificial Intelligence Payment Gateway Online or AiPayGo Inc (DBA AiPayGo) is a startup company that is currently under the business incubation program of  Republisys Inc. AiPayGo prides itself with its reliable and experienced partners with more than 45 years of experience in the industry.

A global financial technology (FinTech) platform, AiPayGo was initially formed via merging several well-established domestic and international financial service providers. It is an innovative company that provides individuals and businesses an online alternative to traditional payment methods.

The company helps customers get their money where it needs to go securely and privately. Additionally, it gives businesses an option for accepting payments and making payout in markets where traditional methods may not work with a host of online and offline withdrawal and spending options. With the use of AiPayGo-powered applications, clients will also enjoy instant access to their cash at millions of point-of-sale, ATM, and online locations.


To provide superior and innovative financial technology solutions and improve the way people live, especially the unbanked and underserved


To provide a convenient, cost-effective, and easy mobile payment solutions for bills and money remittance worldwide 

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