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In a little corner machine shop caught in the heavy bustle of old Manila, a man wipes the sweat off his brow after a long day of work. And he will come to do it again tomorrow and the day after that – and the day after that.

A brilliant craftsman with a knowledge in metal machining, Co Bun Ting began a legacy of hard work and a dedication to his craft on the year 1964. With his wife Co Po Ty, they tenaciously pursued every opportunity to showcase their excellence; at first working on simple, short orders to increasingly large and complex runs for equally large clients. Today, that little machine shop has ballooned.

Manly Plastics now stands as the largest provider of end-to-end plastic product solutions in the Philippines - capable of everything from mold engineering to fabrication, mass production to decoration. And in the spirit of its founder’s infinite persistence, Manly Plastics uses every day to enhance its design, fabrication, and production capabilities. It retains its reputation for competence, trustworthiness, and reliability to compete on a global scale; regularly supplying plastic parts and products to top Asian and American brands from a wide spectrum of industries.

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